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The present day business-scape can have many obsticles to overcome.  Anything from having E-mail, Internet, and document creation problems. To communication issues , Data archival, and Data recovery issues. The Albert Group can smooth out the bumps on the information superhighway.


The Albert Group's network services range from small home networks with PC's & gaming consoles, To larger enterprise size networks with various types of servers & networked devices.  A small outline of our network solutions are as follows...

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Many businesses have specific or generic software applications to aid in the control of the business.  On occasion specific application software for a unique task is unknown to those whom are performing the task manually. In that event, we can peform...

Data Management

Once an operating computer system is put into place, a much forgotten piece of the puzzle remains a mystery to some.  This portion is your Data, and what to do with it.  For most, a Backup is the last thing on their mind.  Not only can we set up a seamless routine, we can also make it more effective for you.  Here's a list of what Data mangement can do for you...

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